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Eco Clay

A rising star was born and is more than eager to share her story as to how to deliver unprecedented sustainability benefits with a revolutionary production approach.


As a vibrant and visionary leader in the ceramic dinnerware industry, Kennex (HK) Limited has embarked on a 3-year long journey to devise a groundbreaking ceramic clay formulation to not only re-define key production processes but also put sustainability into perspective to reduce carbon emission. 

There are several key takeaways as follows:

Much Reduced Kiln Firing Temperature & Cycle

Traditional porcelain dinnerware products call for a high firing temperature ranging from 1,280 to 1,380°C with a prolonged firing cycle of 12 to 16 hours.  With the use of EcoClay, firing temperature and cycle can be dropped to 1,200°C and 4 hours respectively, which is a noteworthy energy reduction in industrial scale.

In other words, less carbon emission.

Eliminate the Use of Decal Paper & Additional Firings

With the implementation of state-of-the-art digital printing machine, decorative patterns can be embedded into dinnerware products to avoid the use of environmentally unfriendly decal papers and safeguard one-time firing instead.

In layman’s terms, extra cost saving returned to users.

Extended Advantage from Production Automation

EcoClay can make use of digital machine along with other automation to drive for higher efficiency, less human errors and more streamlined manufacturing process so that the entire transformation from clay bodies to fully decorated products could be accomplished under a remarkable 6-hour timeframe.

In a nutshell, no more inventory concern with such leadtime.


While the majority raw materials of ceramicware products are already coming from mother earth, we still cannot stop raising carbon emission efficiently.  However, with the help of EcoClay, we can finally actualize our mission to become more sustainable and cut down the harm done to our precious environment. 

Procrastination is indeed a thief of time and it is high time you became one of the contributors to reduce energy consumption by embracing our EcoClay dinnerware products where value, beauty, functionality and sustainability could all be found in a heartbeat.


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